Saturday, March 1, 2014

Venezuela Protests: The Other Side Of The Story

The Guardian posts some comments from people in Venezuela who are not protesting the government.  A useful counterpoint to the coverage in the US, which has been almost entirely driven by the opposition narrative.  Especially useful to have given the United States historical involvement and the typically one-sided coverage of these issues. 
We’ve also been keen to hear the other side of the story, away from the social media narrative that can be dominated by people sympathetic to the opposition and by those with the media and language skills to get their message out. On Monday, the Guardian published a letter signed by a range of figures including former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and the filmmaker John Pilger denouncing the violence, and pointing to the links between prominent opposition leaders and the attempted coup of 2002.
Below are a selection of accounts from those in Venezuela who did not protest, with their own takes on the current situation in Venezuela.
Good reading, especially if all you've read is the facile, opposition-tilted coverage in the US press. 

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