Friday, June 5, 2020

Bill de Blasio, A Profile In Cowardice

Since I was a staunch supporter of Bill's campaign in 2013, and continued to support him in 2017 despite his shortcomings, I feel an obligation to say something publicly. Far and away the greatest sin of Bill's administration has been his groveling prostration before NYC's police unions, whose leaders revel in his ritual humiliation. Bill has caved again and again to an organization whose leaders have brazenly threatened and insulted him.
Police brutality? Bill opposed repeal of 50-a. 
Crime hits historical lows? Bill hired 1300 additional police.
Cyclist gets run over and killed? Bill's NYPD goes on a ticket blitz - of cyclists.
Rampant placard corruption and illegal license plate covers? One publicity stunt, then nothing.

The list goes on and on and on. But what we are witnessing today is so far beyond the pale of these failures. One would think after winning reelection he might have grown a spine. But no, he wanted to be President, and his cringeworthy appeasement of police union officials who view both him and his family as sub-human continued. 

They arrested and doxxed your daughter Bill, and you get on the radio and tell us not to believe our lying eyes about the myriad examples of police provoking violence and violating the rights of protestors. What on earth could explain this Reek-like learned helplessness? I am at a loss.

How can you look yourself in the mirror? How can you look your children in the eye? At long last, have you no respect for yourself?