Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Only A Fool, Or Perhaps A Frenchman ...

Colin Cancer: Recalling Key Moment in Selling Iraq War
Read down Greg Mitchell's recap of US media coverage of Colin Powell's bullshit speech to the UN.  Then reflect for a moment that none of those highly paid shapers of American opinion lost job or stature for this egregious display of blind sycophancy. 
Beyond a doubt, a key--perhaps the key--moment when the march to war in Iraq (which we launched 11 years ago tomorrow) became almost inevitable 11 years ago was when Secretary of State Colin Powell ga…

I was merely a 1L at the time, but it was obvious to anyone who actually viewed the material objectively there were holes in Powell's presentation you could drive an armored division through. And the use of TV-friendly props, like the fake vial of anthrax or whatever it was supposed to be. What was really embarrassing stagecraft was hailed as visionary statesmanship. 

Ask yourself why all of these very highly paid professionals are still employed.  And ponder the nature if our billionaire-owned vanity press. 

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Gary Reilly said...

Since I noticed we've had some visitors from France - bonjour!

Je parle francais comme un petit garcon, mais j'ai voyagé en France trois fois et j'ai adoré le pays.

The title of this post is a quote from the idiot Richard Cohen, whom I despise. Just in case that wasn't clear!