Friday, March 21, 2014

Moderate Republicans Still Exist, They're Called Third Way Democrats

Third Way Wankers Write In Villager Rag Bemoaning the Influence of Dirty Hippies. Alternative Working Title- "Dog Bites Man."
First two sentences of the quote below are from Markos, and the rest from John Cole. 

Combined, the two paragraphs sum up Third Way succinctly.
So is it better to have Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller in a 49-seat minority, or is it better to replace them with better Democrats in a 55-seat Democratic majority? Only morons would argue for the former, but apparently, that's what Third Way wants to be. 
The Third Way, from what I can tell, used to be called Country Club Republicans with an added modern dash of libertarianism and more new money. Think white elites in a 10k a month apartment in NYC drinking coffee while looking out over the city as they listen to vacuous TED lectures while doing the NYT crossword puzzle. They are ok with the gays and abortion, as long as the details remain at arms length and don't get brought up over dinner, and the minorities and the underclss don't bother them so much, because then they can visit "authentic" ethnic restaurants in Brooklyn and Queen on the one day a week they venture out of Manhattan. But even then they are only ok with that so long as Times Square doesn't have too many needles and porn sites and stop and frisk is still going on to keep them safe and the Hamptons are still clean and lily white. They basically have the same sense of entitlement as the rest of the upper crust in the GOP, and they know they are better than the rest of us, just the really over the top Jesus stuff bothers them, and they vent their fascism in other ways. See also, Mayor Bloomberg.
Remorseless, amoral, dishonest and incompetent shills.

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