Sunday, March 2, 2014

Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

The fallout from flouting international law
What amazes me is that my friends who were gung-ho for war in Iraq (and Libya, and Syria, and Iran, North Korea, etc) are the same ones who are outraged - outraged! by Russia's actions in Ukraine.
It's very hard as an American to righteously defend the precepts on International Law with respect to national sovereignty after what we did  just 11 years ago in Iraq. I feel like an idiot saying it out loud to anyone and am embarrassed to see John Kerry shaking his fist and proclaiming the illegality and illegitimacy of Russia's actions when he personally voted for that illegitimate and illegal invasion. From what I gather, this is not a problem for most people so perhaps I'm in a minority, but to me, that misbegotten war has completely shattered any claims we have as a nation to lecture others in this way. It sounds hollow and phony and completely without what the neocons used to call "moral authority."
American exceptionalism means never having to experience cognitive dissonance.

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