Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Civilization or Dystopia?

Bill Gates wants governments to beg corporations for scraps, by @DavidOAtkins
The future is coming faster than you think.  I strongly prefer a social democracy to a corporate dystopia where we all live at the sufferance of the 0.01%.  Many (though not all!) of that 0.01% disagree.
That mass unemployment is coming soon isn't the wild fancy of futurists. It's real. There are only two ways to deal with that. One is the Gates way. It's the way that most world leaders are quietly putting into place, not only because of corruption, but because they they feel they must. It's the international race to the bottom, in which the capital mobility of the jet set crowd trumps and overwhelms the power of sovereign states. The other way is completely opposite--a hard turn toward social democracy, universal basic incomes, universal jobs programs, and international treaties that limit the power of mobile global capital while giving power back to real people and severing the assumed link between doing a billionaire's bidding and human dignity. There isn't a middle ground. Either billionaires and the Tea Partiers win, or the progressives do. There's no third way.

There's no third way.  We do have "Third Way", but they exist to sell corporate dystopia model.  Beware the plutocrat. 

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