Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charles Pierce Breaks Bill Kristol On The Wheel

As I was saying...well, someone else actually
There has never been a more odious stain of a human being than Bill Kristol.  Over the loud protests of my wife I cancelled our NYT subscription when they gave him a column. It was the final straw.  Anyway, click through for an angry anti-Kristol tirade for the ages.
You are not going to get a more concentrated dose of accurate commentary than what Charles Pierce dealt to Bill Kristol's latest crusade to have other folks die in the name of his shitty ideas:
 "You and the rest of your cowardly cohort helped prepare the ground for the worst geopolitical mistake the country has made in 30 years. You fought the battle of the Green Rooms and the think tanks while other people's sons and daughters died for your fantasy of how the world would work if you really were the pimply, adolescent Zeus you see when you look in the mirror every morning."

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