Friday, March 7, 2014

Brooklyn Bikeshare Victory

Judge Dismisses Brooklyn NIMBY Bike-Share Suit
Great, another meretricious anti-bike facility suit dismissed.  Now, can we get one on Smith Street between President and Union?  Excellent spot for a large Citibike station.
Owners of 150 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights claimed that the siting of a bike-share station on the sidewalk outside the building was "arbitrary and capricious," according to court documents, and that DOT exceeded its authority in doing so. They dumped their garbage on the station for good measure. Judge Leon Ruchelsman dismissed the suit last week. Ruchelsman wrote in his ruling that DOT followed its own guidelines and safety criteria when installing the station, and violated no city rules. Building residents had due notice that the station would be located there, Ruchelsman wrote, as their "complaints [date] as far back as the summer of 2012." The station was installed in April 2013.
I would love to bike to work this spring, summer and fall.

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