Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amazing: Spoiled NJ Teen's Attorney Has Close Christie Ties

The ridiculous lawsuit by a NJ teen against her parents for free money and no rules amused and offended me, but would not otherwise move me to write about it.  Except now there's this:
Canning is currently living with her best friend's family, which happens to include John Inglesino, the attorney and controversial New Jersey political player who's funding Canning's lawsuit.
But Canning's parents claim the Inglesinos have been a terrible influence, hosting alcohol-fueled parties for their teenage daughters.
I did wonder what kind of a cretin would take a case like that, let alone encourage the girl to file.  Well, now I have the answer:
A lawyer with personal and political ties to Gov. Chris Christie could lose his job as Parsippany's township attorney if members of the municipal governing body win an ongoing battle with Mayor James Barberio.
John Inglesino, a former Morris County freeholder, is a former adviser to as well as a friend and ally of Christie. He also made significant contributions to the governor's 2009 campaign.
 Maybe it's all a sly 11-dimensional move to cast "trial lawyers" in a bad light.  But no, probably not.

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