Friday, August 9, 2013

NYT On The Shabby Treatment of Sal Albanese

Morning Read: 'As I Will Down the Road'
Sal Albanese is not my candidate for a variety of reasons.  Nonetheless he seems like a genuinely good guy, serious, with truly excellent policy positions.  It's shameful that the televised debates exclude this man and heap attention on the absurd vanity campaign of Anthony Weiner. 

That said, the most important role for progressive Democrats in this primary is to rally behind the progressive candidate that can beat Chris Quinn and the big money.  Hands down that is Bill deBlasio, and not in a compromise either.  Bill is at once the most progressive candidate in the race AND the candidate with the wherewithal to beat Quinn and win the general.

So while it would be completely irresponsible to vote for Sal in this election, he deserves to be taken more seriously than the traveling sideshows that have dominated this cycle's media narrative.
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