Friday, August 2, 2013

Local Civics Join Public Advocate deBlasio's Lawsuit To Keep LICH Alive

The Brooklyn Eagle was there, along with NY1 and a host of other media:

The Boerum Hill Association, Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, Cobble Hill Association, Brooklyn Heights Association, Wyckoff Gardens Association and Riverside Tenants’ Association have joined as full partners a legal action to avert the shutdown, de Blasio said.
Of course Maria Pagano and I stood with Bill behalf of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association:
 “Closing this hospital would be a crushing blow to the thousands of Brooklynites who rely on [LICH] for care, and for all our families who will have to travel miles to the nearest hospital. said Gary Reilly, Executive Board Member of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association. “SUNY should work with the community to find other ways of sustaining our hospital before shutting the doors of this institution.”
When our then one year old daughter couldn't breathe in the middle of the night, we went to LICH - and we were taken care of.  When a good friend and colleague suffered a stroke in recent years, LICH was there - and my friend is still here.

We need a mayor and a governor who will step up to keep this resource open to the public. How many more luxury condos does this community need?  The Bloomberg administration has been a one-trick pony. It's time for a change.

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