Monday, August 26, 2013

Brad Lander: Make Outside Political Expenditures More Transparent

Councilman Proposes Cigarette-Style Warnings on Independent PAC Ads
You can bet your life that the big money in this city, the REBNY and other moneyed interests are spending a small fortune to elect a Mayor friendly to their interests, be it Christine Quinn or Joe Lhota.  They'll be pulling out all the stops to try to prevent a man of the people from running New York . . . and they'll be doing it furtively, in the dark, wrapped in corporate secrecy.  Brad Lander wants you to know what they're up to.

Another good initiative from our local Councilmember.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more effect representative in NYC.

A mock independent expenditure warning. (Photo: Councilman Lander's office.) City Councilman Brad Lander is looking to rein in exploding expenditures from super PAC-like groups with proposed new legi…
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