Friday, August 30, 2013

Bloomberg Era Waste and Incompetence, Yankee Edition

Soccer Club's Latest Stadium Proposal Would Give the Yankees a New Neighbor -
Heckuva job, Bloomie, Doctoroff and NYCEDC:
It will not be easy for the club to put the Bronx site together. Sitting on the parcel under consideration is a parking garage for Yankee Stadium that is run by a troubled nonprofit, the Bronx Parking Development Company. In April, the company defaulted on a $237 million civic bond.The soccer club would have to strike a deal with the parking company that would compensate it for the garage and put it on more solid financial footing.
Why, it seems like just yesterday we were squandering tax dollars to build that utterly unnecessary and expensive parking garage.  And now we'll tear it down.  Prosperity!  And the EDC is STILL pushing for unnecessary parking in their projects.  This election can't happen soon enough. 

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