Monday, March 4, 2013

Superior New Proposal for Domino Waterfront Site

I don't really "get" the SHOP obsession with holes in
buildings, but I don't object either. The Two Trees plan is vastly
superior to the failed redevelopment plan that they acquired and could
build as of right. Brownstoner is clearly excited about it:

Two Trees has revealed the full extent of its plan for the old Domino
sugar refinery site: A SHoP Architects-designed rethink of the 11-acre
site. The SHoP designs, which we got a peek at last week, are very
simply a huge step forward architecturally and are a refreshing change
from the same-old, same-old we've come to expect from new buildings in
Brooklyn. If implemented, the new design will more than triple the
amount of office space in the neighborhood, adding more than 600,000
square feet of commercial space, and increase the overall square
footage of the site by 10 percent.
Brownstoner also included a chart comparing the once and future plans:
I don't have any issue with the building heights in this situation.  I am happy to see the increase in open space and delighted to see the reduction in planned parking.  Parking was over-provided in the previous design.  This isn't suburbia, its NYC.  Kudos to Two Trees and SHOP for recognizing urban dynamics.

The Brooklyn Paper has more.

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