Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Creatine Menace!!!1!

No, Creatine Did Not Make Elliot Rodger Kill People

What passes for journalism these days.  I heard the North Korean leader is all hopped up on Creatine too. /sarcasm

"Literally any other drug of choice that Elliot Rodger could have chosen would be a more likely candidate for making him crazy, because creatine does not make you crazy. It does not make you anything, except more physiologically prepared to lift weights should you choose to do so. It is found naturally in food such as meat. One might as well compare Outback Steakhouse to a crackhouse as compare creatine to a crazymaking drug. The most insane part of this story is that it's already spread all over the whole world ! (Thanks to the fine journalistic efforts of News Corp papers.) And it is completely implausible. If Chris Akin is just a troll, he is a very successful one. Update: It looks like "Chris Akin" is a troll. Here is a thread on the message board in which a user writes, "okay so im sitting here wackin it nd i get a message from some freelancer reporter bisch asking questions about elliot, as i have/had a few friends who were troll accounts that were pretending to be him. now, ill just let you read the messages." He then posts screenshots of Facebook messages sent to him by Mirror reporter Emma Foster, who was apparently emailing all of Rodger's Facebook friends. "Akin"'s replies—which are, as we noted, complete fiction—match the quotes in the Mirror story. Screenshots of the full conversation are posted here. And that's how easy it is to make a complete lie into worldwide news."

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