Thursday, May 15, 2014

Man Charged In Horrific Fatal E. Village Beating

Mother of Man Charged in Fatal Beating Says He Doesn't Remember the Attack
I understand that a mother commonly grasps at straws in these situations, but that is possibly the least plausible excuse I have ever seen.
"On Wednesday afternoon, 20-year-old Jamie Pugh was charged with assault, robbery, and murder in the death of Ruan Wen Hui, the 68-year-old who was beaten and left on the street near his East Village home over the weekend. Shortly before Pugh's arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, his mother, Charlotte Pugh-Douglas, told DNAinfo that her son doesn't recall the brutal incident, which was captured by a surveillance camera, because he had taken MDMA beforehand."

Because that's what people always do on MDMA aka Ecstacy: fly into violent rages.

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