Saturday, May 31, 2014

John Kerry's Disgraceful Snowden Comments

I happen to have Daniel Ellsberg right here ...
In an Annie Hall moment, Daniel Ellsberg responds to John Kerry's (utterly bullshit) suggestion that Snowden could come back to the US and "make his case" here:
"As Snowden told Brian Williams on NBC later that night and Snowden's lawyer told me the next morning, he would have no chance whatsoever to come home and make his case – in public or in court. Snowden would come back home to a jail cell – and not just an ordinary cell-block but isolation in solitary confinement, not just for months like Chelsea Manning but for the rest of his sentence, and probably the rest of his life. His legal adviser, Ben Wizner, told me that he estimates Snowden's chance of being allowed out on bail as zero. (I was out on bond, speaking against the Vietnam war, the whole 23 months I was under indictment). More importantly, the current state of whistleblowing prosecutions under the Espionage Act makes a truly fair trial wholly unavailable to an American who has exposed classified wrongdoing. Legal scholars have strongly argued that the US supreme court – which has never yet addressed the constitutionality of applying the Espionage Act to leaks to the American public – should find the use of it overbroad and unconstitutional in the absence of a public interest defense. The Espionage Act, as applied to whistleblowers, violates the First Amendment, is what they're saying. As I know from my own case, even Snowden's own testimony on the stand would be gagged by government objections and the (arguably unconstitutional) nature of his charges. That was my own experience in court, as the first American to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act – or any other statute – for giving information to the American people."
It's a travesty that our surveillance state is worse than it was under Nixon and that we are in many ways actually less free than we were under Nixon. 

John Kerry should be ashamed of himself for making a claim that is ridiculous on its face.  And most of our press should be ashamed to have uncritically repeated it. 

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