Saturday, May 3, 2014

Get It Together, Rutgers

Condoleezza Rice Won't Speak at Rutgers' Commencement After Protests

My alma mater.  Why on earth would they invite Condi Rice?  Embarrassing. What was Barchi thinking?  At least the students still have good sense. 
"Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced that she will not be speaking at Rutgers University's commencement after students and faculty protested. The protests surrounded Rice's involvement in the Iraq War. Rice was supposed to be receiving a speaking fee of $35,000, and even as protests and sit-ins spread through campus, Rutgers President Robert Barchi resisted disinviting the politician. He claimed that Rutgers is a proponent of "open discourse.""

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Anonymous said...

Good sense? Wiser, I would say.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'd be thrilled if everyone lived in the same echo chamber as you, parroting similar thoughts and ideals. If so, Tom Kean is the perfect speaker. Innocuous, ineffective, and irrelevant for almost 30 years. When we start silencing those we don't agree with, the whole University system breaks down. Shame on Rutgers, for bowing down to a handful of crybabies.

Gary Reilly said...

Silencing those we don't agree with? Since when does Condi Rice have tenure at Rutgers? And since when are student wishes not relevant to choice of commencement speaker?

As for an echo chamber, a Republican elder statesman is hardly a liberal's dream choice.

I'm no fan of Tom Kean, but at least he has some actual accomplishments and strong ties to NJ. Condi Rice has a lifetime of shame and ties to Chevron. Rutgers should not be paddding her retirement or helping rehabilitate her tarnished legacy.