Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fox News: Jes' Regular Folks

Geraldo Rivera Caught Pretending That Fox Business Hosts Are Regular People
This is amazing, even by the low standards of Fox News.
"Rivera's segment features two New Yorkers who criticize the government agency's decision to retain the porn-obsessed slacker. "You can't get away with that in private industry. There's just no way, you know what I'm saying?" says an outraged guy. "It does create a hostile work environment and if anybody should be walking by and kind of look over the shoulder to see what's going on, it's absolutely harassment," explains his offended female friend. The pair's names were not displayed on screen. Luckily, Carlson was there to identify them for her audience. It turns out that the man and the woman were Charlie Gasparino and Lori Rothman, both of whom are hosts at Fox Business. As Carlson began to point that out, Rivera cut her off. "Well, we snagged a lot of them," he explained. "They're right next door." A sister station's employees don't count as regular people, even if  no one reallywatches them on television."

This is not a news outlet, it is a disinformation operation.

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