Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As Predicted

World of Hurt
Of course there was more to that NYT  story.  The most shocking part, however, is that they paid Bill Keller for his execrable work. I hope, at least, he is paying the Times to run his awful column.
But if it wasn't just that Abramson found out that she was paid significantly less than her male predecessor and one of her male deputies and then got fired over it, that does seem to have been a significant part of the equation. And that's just thermonuclear. The 'additional' potential issue that this behavior confirmed Sulzberger's and Thompson's perception that she was "pushy" does not sound like something that will help management's case.

I'm no fan of Abramson's (see Miller, Judith), but this was utterly hamfisted on the NYT's management's part.  

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