Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Are Goldman Investors Responsible For High Con Ed Prices?

Enron 2.0: Goldman-Linked Investors Set to Manipulate East Coast Electricity Prices

Electricity "deregulation" is, and always was, a sham.  Capitalism!

"Yes, sports fans, the "rules" that Enron devised so it could game energy markets are still in force! So what, exactly, is the Energy Partners scheme? It bought three energy generating plants in New England for $650 million. A mere five weeks after the deal closed, it said it needs to shutter Brayton Point, the second largest producer in New England, claiming it will cost the investors more than it's worth to keep the plan running. Regulatory filings show that the electricity system in the region has gone from surplus to deficit, and baseline prices were already projected to double. Clearly, removing a major producer would lead to even greater price increases."


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