Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Van Jumps Queens Sidewalk, Killing Pedestrian - NYTimes.com

The police identified the driver as Mohamad Keita and said he had received a summons for not having insurance.
The dead teenager was identified by the police as Drudak Tenzin. Education officials said Mr. Tenzin attended the High School of Applied Communication, one of several high schools housed on the campus with the college.
The four people injured are all students at LaGuardia Community College, said Susan Lyddon, a spokeswoman for the college.
Police officials said the Collision Investigation Squad was looking into the accident.

The Times should update their stylebook, and start using "crash" instead of "accident".  Now that I've been thinking about this lately, I can't stop seeing it everywhere in news coverage and getting aggravated. 

Also, bureaucrats: you don't need a fancy word like "collision" when a simple, direct word like "crash" will do.  For accuracy, collision is better than "accident", but for simplicity and economy of language "crash" is even better.

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