Friday, March 22, 2013

The Mighty Quinnberg - The Huffington Post

Alec Baldwin demolishes Christine Quinn, teases deBlasio endorsement:
As the pendulum inevitably swings again, New York needs a mayor who is
three things: one who truly possesses middle class values (whether
they be middle class or not), one who is uncompromising in their
integrity and one who can genuinely stoke the ineffable spirit that
defines New York. A spirit of diversity that says come as you are. A
spirit of community that says all for one and one for all, yet
encouraging an opinionated, muscular individuality. A great New Yorker
once told me "If you are truly one in a million, there are seven other
people like you in this town. You can form a club."
In a forthcoming post, I want to tell you why Bill de Blasio is that New Yorker.

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