Friday, March 22, 2013

Room Gate: Abraham is No Lincoln

I don't know where the Room 8 diaspora have settled, and largely don't
care. But I have tracked Gatemouth to his bloggerly lair, and enjoyed
his barb-laced broadside against would-be Levin challenger Isaac
Clearly, Abraham is an influential figure among an influential
minority of an influential minority.

But he has slightly less chance of being elected to the City Council
than he does of being elected Grand Marshall of the Brooklyn Pride

Local politics is a dry business to most people. I don't think Gate
is always entirely fair, and he sticks a shiv in as well as anyone, but
he's always thoroughly enjoyable to read. There are few people who
have his institutional memory of the NY political scene, and precisely
none who share as much, with such biting wit.  I dread the day it is turned on me.

All of which is my way of saying it's a good read.

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