Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Red Hook a Destination for Eating, Exploring

Via Brownstoner, the NYT food critic has taken a look at Red Hook, and
likes what he sees.

Now that the weather is looking better, I'm really looking forward to
our favorite leisure activity: walks around Brooklyn. Red Hook is a
favorite jaunt of ours, including Valentino Park, Fairway, Hope and Anchor, the food vendors, Steve's Key Lime Pies, etc.

Of course the walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park has become a staple as well, and just gets better every year.

Side note: coming home late Sunday afternoon, passed PokPok. The line
was insane. That guy should consider branching out with more NY
locations.  The Brooklyn Greenway is going to make that stretch of Columbia street more and more a destination for walkers and bikers.  I'm looking forward to the forthcoming connections through Atlantic Basin down to Valentino Park.

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