Monday, March 11, 2013

Party's Over At Gowanus Batcave, But Mysterious Millionaire Will Make It "F*cking Cool": Gothamist

You might remember that I posted about this purchase last fall. I'm still wondering if a velodrome will happen to be a part of this project. It's a big space. Beautiful old structure too.  After the gut and cleanup it should be pretty amazing
When Joshua Rechnitz bought the long-vacant Brooklyn Rapid Transit powerhouse for $7 million last summer he must have known that, between the collapsing roof, PCBs in the ground, and the Superfund-designated Gowanus Canal in the front yard, the place is a mess. But the cycling heir and philanthropist behind the nixed $40 million Brooklyn Heights velodrome didn't plan on his red brick acquisition serving as a fly-by-night honky-tonk.
"The site has been sealed so that it's no longer a party space," Rechnitz's spokeswoman Maureen Connelly said in a recent phone interview. "If you go online and search 'Gowanus Batcave,' you'll see many photos of parties that have apparently taken place. That's obviously not something that we're interested in having happen."

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