Monday, March 18, 2013

Lincoln Restler Drops 2013 Bid To Challenge Steve Levin

News hot off the press (via email).  Ultimately I think this was the smart decision.  Particularly after the redistricting, this was looking like an uphill battle, and probably an ugly one.  As much as I like Lincoln, Steve's not a bad guy, and I think an ugly primary would have been a net loss.  Lots to work on in 2013, and tomorrow is another day.  I'm pleased to note that he's supporting two of my choices this cycle, Bill deBlasio for Mayor and Carlos Menchaca for Council District 38
A number of people have asked me about my plans to run for office again and I wanted to share my thinking directly with you. I have decided not to run for City Council this year. While I've had my share of disagreements with Councilmember Stephen Levin, I also respect that he has been a member of the Progressive Caucus, has brought participatory budgeting to our community, and has strived to actively represent our neighborhoods. 

In all sincerity, it has been my greatest privilege to represent the 50th Assembly District and to help make local government work better in our community. My experience as a Brooklyn activist and elected representative has been guided first and foremost by the desire to help my neighbors and give back to our neighborhoods.  I don't believe we need a political
office to advocate for the issues that matter most to us.  For my part, I will keep fighting for reform in the Brooklyn political system, responsible development that meets our needs, improved mass transit, and the creation of more green spaces. I am now leading the New York City Employment and Training Coalition, where I'm focused on ensuring New Yorkers are attaining quality training and employment.  

While I do very much hope to have the opportunity to represent our community again in the near future, this election year presents a remarkable opportunity for us all to profoundly shape our City's future. I am committing my energy to helping elect some true progressive reformers that will help us realize the Brooklyn and New York City we deserve. I hope you will join me in supporting City Council candidates Antonio Reynosoto succeed Diana Reyna in Williamsburg and Bushwick and Carlos Menchaca in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Red Hook, and South Park Slope. I am proud to be supporting Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for Mayor - as the time has come for a progressive Democrat to lead our City.

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