Saturday, March 2, 2013

From Investigative Reporter to Liz Smith

But Woodward made himself a household name without access to the White House.  He was a metro reporter when he was assigned to the Watergate break-in.  He wasn't a White House reporter, or a political reporter, nor did he have access to the most powerful people in the Nixon White House as they executed the nation's business.

In contrast, what did Woodward do when he got unparalleled access to the most powerful people people on the planet?  He transcribed their justifications for the invasion of Iraq without ever reporting that their claimed cause for war was a lie.  And said nothing as the Bush Adminstration executed women and children and other Iraqi non-combatants based on that lie.
The White House press corps is worse than worthless. It's a pool of bitchy, celebrity oriented stenographers, hagiographers, and gossips.  And when Bob Woodward actually DID break news, it was when he wasn't a part of that crew. Back then he was a reporter. Now he's an overpaid b-list celebrity talking head. 

Bob Woodward went from scrappy (if perhaps ethically challenged) reporter to a celebrity stenographer with a sweet beat, fat paychecks and book deals.  The guy hasn't done real reporting since I was born.

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