Sunday, March 3, 2013

Christine Quinn's Endorsement From Home Club at Risk, Sources Say -

I've been pretty open that I'm supporting deBlasio in the mayoral race.  He's our former City Council member, knows our area, knows our issues, and on the areas that are not his strong suit (but matter a lot to me, like livable streets and transit) I think he's someone we can work with. 

Contra what has been the dominant narrative, I also think he's going to pull off an upset and beat Chris Quinn and the rest of the field.  Mark my words. 
Multiple sources told New York that several of Quinn's recent actions — from backing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's third term to supporting a controversial expansion of Chelsea Market — have convinced many residents that she no longer represents the interests of the neighborhood.
"People — lots of people — have joined to vote against her because of that," said one longtime club member who plans to oppose Quinn's endorsement.
To be perfectly clear: I'm not saying deBlasio will win this particular club endorsement.  I have no idea who will and in the great scheme of things, it doesn't matter all that much.  I'm saying he's going to win the primary.  And then the general.  He will be the next mayor.

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