Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bloomberg's Greatest Legacy: 10 Smoke Free Years Later

For all of his faults, Bloomberg has also done some great things.  The best thing he accomplished was the smoking ban.  It used to be just disgusting, I can't believe people tolerated it for so long. 
According to the report, since New York City passed this landmark legislation, an estimated 10,000 premature smoking-related deaths have been prevented among New Yorkers.
"Ten years ago when New York City prohibited smoking in restaurants and bars, many predicted the end of the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries," said Mayor Bloomberg.
"Yet 10 years later, fewer New Yorkers are smoking, we are living longer, our industries are thriving and nobody longs for a return to smoke-filled bars and restaurants."
Bloomberg deserves full credit for passing that ban in the face of screeching, sky is falling media coverage and business opposition. 

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