Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloomberg Wants to Physically Hide Cigarettes (and Good For Him)

New York State anti-smoking ad, via NY Mag.
Cue all the jokes and teeth-gnashing about Nanny Bloomberg taking our precious freedom.  I'm sure the tabloid coverage will be measured and insightful*. But this is not a joke, it's sound public policy:
New York City would be the first place in the country to put packs out of view, although nations like Iceland and Canada have tried it and seen success stemming youth smoking, according to the city. Still, "Retail stores may advertise and communicate tobacco product and price information to consumers," much to the dismay of the mayor, who has put $600 million of his own money toward anti-smoking activism.
There are a million things to be critical of Bloomberg about. This isn't one of them.  Good for him for taking the heat on this. 

* Did I say measured and insightful?  I meant off the rails and inciteful. 

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