Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Worst Person In The World

Open Thread: How Does George Will Walk the Streets Without An Umbrella?

George Will. Even when I was a naive conservative teenager I always thought Will was a smug douche. 
"This was before Will was recognized as the thoroughgoing disgrace to the craft of journalism that he is, before we knew that he was a working advisor to the Reagan campaign in 1980 while masquerading as an independent observer in his column and for ABC. It was before he proved himself to be a big old 'ho for the crooked Conrad Black. It was before he proved himself to be a smug, petulant dilettante who is willing to flirt with racism — Go back and study his coverage of the Jesse Jackson campaign in 1988 — and who is willing to throw himself whole hog into climate change denialism, and, now, today, at Hiatt's House Of Hacks, George Will is someone who has nothing better to do than mock the current movement on America's campuses to try and cope with the problems of rape and sexual assault, and trolling its victims while jacking it into his dogeared copy of Bartlett's."


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