Monday, June 9, 2014

"The Worst of the Worst"

Rand Paul: libertarian hawk
John McCain, the worst person in the world. 

When will we have a "Have you no decency?" moment with these lying hypocrites?
""Second of all, I believe we should keep these people because they are hardcore jihadists who are responsible for 9/11," McCain continued. "Of course, nobody wants to release people who are responsible for 9/11, and these people that are released that were Taliban governing worked hand-in-glove with al Qaeda." Retired Air Force Col. Morris Davis, who was the former top prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, told MSNBC on Saturday that the prisoners released in exchanged for Bergdahl were so inconsequential that he did not even know who they were. "My role as chief prosecutor was to review the information we had on the detainees to determine which ones we could potentially bring war crimes charges against," Davis recalled. "When I saw the names of the five individuals, when they were reported last weekend, my first reaction was, 'Who are they?'""

This from Mr. Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, the man who brought us Joe the Plumber and Snowbilly Snookie.

Oh, and the former prisoner of war released in a prisoner exchange, who demanded relief for Bergdahl, and now is railing against both prisoner exchanges and relief for Bergdahl.  

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