Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reminder: Elliot Abrams Is A War Criminal

The worst neocon of all? I think it's this guy...

Yet in this Bizarro America we inhabit, Elliot Abrams is not rotting in a prison. He was hired by George W. Bush to commit further depraved acts. And now he's getting articles published in Politico. 

"He's one of those zombies who's been around for decades wreaking havoc wherever he goes. But he did something very, very, very bad during the 1980s that ranks up there with the worst things Americans have ever done --- he covered up a massacre by US sponsored forces in El Salvador. That's not a "policy disagreement". It's a straight-up war crime. Basically, this proves that there is literally nothing a hawk can ever do to lose his reputation in the American national security establishment."

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