Thursday, June 12, 2014

Populism On The Rise; Democrats Must Embrace And Steer Left

A las Barricadas

Right-wing populism is the ugly cousin that thrives in the vacuum left behind when the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the 0.01% and the Democratic Party listens to the ThirdWay/FixtheDebt/NoLabels/DLC/PetePeterson charlatans. 

People are hurting. Inequality is reaching record highs.  And the party of labor, the party of working families has not fought hard enough for our core values over the last 40 years.  Embrace progressivism, aka left-wing populism, and we will take back Congress.  And then just maybe we can have nice things like universal healthcare, universal pre-k, and a decent social safety net like other industrialized countries do. 

"Voters said Cantor was "out of touch" and that's a problem for both Republicans and Democrats, IMO. I hear "out of touch" more often than I hear any specific complaint. There's a real populist shift on both sides, I think. The Tea Party's will be horrible and xenophobic but the Democrats need to address it, develop a liberal version, or conservatives will run away with the whole concept. I think it's real. I think she's right. As the only one of the two viable political parties in this country that is not a wholly owned subsidiary of the 1%, Democrats should benefit from a populist groundswell, but only if they recognize and channel it. From President Obama down, many have addressed the income inequality issue and the basic unfairness of how the game is rigged right now, thanks to GOP policies. That's a message every damn one of them needs to be shouting from the rooftops for the next two years."

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