Friday, June 27, 2014

Fulton Street Really Coming Together

View towards uptown 4/5 platform.
View towards A/C/2/3/J/Z connection
View from the sidewalk on Broadway.
Yes, construction is ongoing with finishing work and the escalators are not running yet, but the station is closer and closer to a full opening.  For all the delays, and the cost overruns (not all of which are the fault of MTA, by the way, see, e.g., Corbin Building) this oft-maligned new headhouse will change the lives of the people who pass through here on a daily basis.

The old station was a byzantine maze with the air of a medieval dungeon.  One might have expected to face a Minotaur in the bowels of the complex.  One can already tell that commuting through this station will be a more civilized, uplifting experience.  It's impossible to put a price tag on an intangible like this, and I won't say that this was the best possible use of transit funds.  But let's be honest, this station complex was a depressing mess before.

Our number one focus should be on expanding the reach and capacity of the system, but the overall rider experience is important too.

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