Friday, June 6, 2014

Austerity: Establishment Media Disinformation

How the Troika, the WSJ and the NYT Keep the Public Befuddled About Austerity and Deflation
There are a number of topics, especially foreign policy and economics, where reading respectable newspapers on a daily basis will leave you worse off than not reading a newspaper at all.
"If the troika (the European Commission, ECB, and IMF) taught sex education students would believe that storks brought children, that sex had nothing to do with pregnancy, that confident women never got pregnant, and that women should be forced to lose weight when they became pregnant.  The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times would repeat these myths as science. The NYT would employ one of the world's top gynecologists (Dr. Krugman).  Dr. Krugman would debunk these myths nearly every week – and neither the troika nor the reporters for the NYT and the WSJ would ever listen to him. The last several days have led to a flurry of WSJ and NYT stories about "deflation."  I just posted critiques of some of the earlier stories here and here. There's only one of me, but the dual U.S. heralds of the troika employ dozens of scribes who faithfully proclaim its message without any intervening critical thought.  I've decided to make a bulk response to the scribes."

Reacting to US media disinformation is a Sisyphean task.

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