Friday, June 6, 2014

A Monster Off The Streets, A Broader Problem Remains

Serial NYC Stabber Daniel St. Hubert Blames the Devil
As a society we can and must do better.  We are warehousing the mentally ill and drug addicts in the prison system, and it makes no sense. To be clear, St. Hubert should have been institutionalized and remained institutionalized. 
"But his sister blames the system for releasing him from prison in May with no medication. "I begged them and they didn't do it," she told the Daily News. "I spoke to the social worker in regards to his mental capacity and when will he be able to see a doctor. They told me it doesn't happen right away. It usually takes a couple of weeks. Usually they're discharged with medication." St. Hubert, reportedly a paranoid schizophrenic, spent five years in jail for trying to strangle his mother with an electrical cord and assaulting a female corrections officer. Three times he was found unfit to stand trial and committed to a psychiatric hospital. A week after his release, police suspect St. Hubert stabbed 18-year-old Tanaya Grant-Copeland in East New York. Two days later, he went after two kids. And his MetroCard places him at the scene of a similar attack on a homeless man in a Chelsea subway station Wednesday morning."

This is problem that has been decades in the making.  For more background, see

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