Friday, November 1, 2013

We Are Spied On By Incompetents

Robert Litt: Isn't Weakening Encryption Our Job?
Single minded focus on access leads bumbling spymasters to ignore the bigger picture, weakening security for everyone.  We are paying these people a fortune every year to break our stuff and leave us easier prey for criminals.  Profit!
"Nevertheless, he blithely dismisses any concerns about this activity by insisting that is the Intelligence Community's job. "But isn't cracking encryption exactly what we want an intelligence agency to be able to do?" This is why the defensive mandate needs to be broken off from NSA and put somewhere where people like Litt can't touch it. Because Litt isn't even aware that weakening encryption is, by its nature, an attack on "US citizens, or French citizens, or Belgians, etc." (And all that's before you get into the NSA keeping encrypted conversations of entirely innocent US and French and Belgian citizens indefinitely.) A General Counsel making legal decisions for the entire intelligence community who misunderstands this basic fact is a menace to all of us."
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