Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sneaky Schemers At SUNY Downstate Begging For Jail Time

Bill deBlasio just left town for a well-deserved couple of days in the sun after a year of non-stop campaigning and service in the Public Advocate role.  Most publicly, he has been the face of opposition keeping LICH alive.  So what's the first thing that SUNY Downstate does?  As Jeff Strabone reported to the Brooklyn Heights Blog,
SUNY has shut down ambulances and admissions at LICH in violation of court orders by Justice Baynes of Brooklyn state court.
After getting a tip that ambulances were being diverted from LICH again, I walked into the ER and asked if I could be admitted. The intake person said I could be ‘seen’ but I would not be admitted. I asked how long this has been the case. She said: ‘The decision was made a few hours ago.’
Meanwhile, there are ambulances outside. I asked the EMT people why they were there. They said they were there to move patients to other hospitals.
What depths will they not sink to?  I hope that Judge Baynes starts laying some serious sanctions on these people.  And how's that criminal investigation coming along?

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