Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reclaiming Urban Waterways

Reclaiming Rivers: The Latest Trend in Urban Design
Interesting article about evolving approaches to urban rivers.  And topical with our own City riddled with water features.
River reclamation projects have proven to be unparalleled catalysts for urban renewal, spurring the creation of functional and beautiful community spaces. The San Antonio Riverwalk is Texas' second most visited attraction (after the Alamo), and completely revitalized the once small city. Chicago's river/riverwalk restoration project took off in the early 2000s, and was such a success that a second phase of renovation is about to begin.  On a slightly smaller scale, Yonkers, a city in upstate New York, recently saw just this happen when it rehabilitated its Saw Mill River, which runs through the city center. The meticulously planned project, which took over a decade to be completed, has transformed an old parking lot (which covered the river) into a vibrant and dynamic public park. It's become wildly popular with residents, and boasts a number of educational exhibits to educate the public on the area and river's history. 
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