Monday, November 11, 2013

Need To Scrape Some Bill Keller From My Shoe

More Laughs from Bill Keller
I barely have words to describe the contempt I have for Bill Keller.
Keller apparently has no shame--well, we knew this before, given his embrace of Judy Miller,  and many attempts to defend his hawkishness on Iraq.  And this new column just happens to appear a day after a widely-acclaimed piece by the paper's public editor revealed Keller (again) as a spineless tool for holding, almost forever,  the James Risen piece in 2004 that revealed the Bush team's illegal eavesdropping.   Just a weeksago Keller wanted to bomb Syria first and ask questions later--advice fortunately scorned by the "underwater" President, and now we have those chem weapons on the way out, plus an opening with Iran.   
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