Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Joe Lieberman Continues To Be The Worst

There's always someone around you who will call
A terrible human being and a terrible pick for VP.  I'm sure Al Gore regrets that decision every day of his life.
"A lot of what's gone wrong with American politics the last 25 years can be seen in the story of Joe Lieberman. He gets into Congress by running to the right of one of the last of the moderate Republican Senators. Then he wanks about video games and Hollywood and music, becomes a Sunday morning green room fav, and then a disastrously bad VP candidate. Loses a primary to a dirty hippy but prevails in the general because we're a right-center nation. Heralded in both the Village and the right-wing blogosphere as the last honest man. Now, he's lobbying for Libyan politicians, after swearing he'd never lobby. A few years ago, I stopped using the words "whore" and "pimp" to describe political activities because doing so is unfair to people who work in the sex industry."
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