Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Reid Just Made Senate History

Not eliminating the filibuster . . . but eliminating some filibusters.  It's a good start and will put an end to a lot of Republican obstructionism . . . at least with respect to appointments.  The House GOP majority can still obstruct every bit of legislation all by themselves.
After the Senate again failed to move Patricia Millett's nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid challenged the ruling of the chair that 60 votes would be needed.
The Senate then voted, by simple majority, to disapprove of the ruling of the chair. Very few Democrats—Sens. Pryor, Levin, and Manchin—joined Republicans to vote to preserve the 60-vote rule. Reid had 52 Democratic votes (including his own) to support the change.
As of today, executive and judicial nominees--excluding Supreme Court nominations--can be approved by a simple, 51-vote majority.
Shame on Carl Levin for defending the wretched institution of the filibuster.  (I expect more from Levin than Pryor or Manchin.)

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