Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Daily Show Calls It For deBlasio

Jon Stewart Jokes About Lhota Losing to 'Anti-Semitic Times Square Elmo'
A comedy show. Not to be taken seriously.  Four more hours to get out there and make it a reality so get yourself to the polls!
"Mr. Stewart later took the show to Mr. de Blasio's "victory party" a little early. "The normal rules of politics don't apply," explained "senior mayoral correspondent" John Oliver. "De Blasio could do pretty much anything. Have you seen his final campaign poster? It's a dick pic, John. It's a dick pic" "And you must have seen his commercials," he added, letting a faux-campaign commercial play: "This Tuesday, vote for Bill de Blasio--or don't. Either way, he's got this. Bill de Blasio: already the mayor.""
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