Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bloomberg's Final "Balanced Budget" Is A Sham

Is Bloomberg's Balanced Budget a Gift or a Curse for De Blasio?
Smoke and mirrors, designed to set up unfavorable press coverage/set the terms of the debate for the incoming deBlasio administration. 

It's a gift, in the sense that the Trojan Horse was a gift, or a time bomb left on your doorstep is a gift.
"One of the fun and frustrating things about government budget numbers is that they're endlessly spinnable. Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he was leaving his successor a balanced budget. Critics pounced: It's easy to balance a budget when you let all the union contracts expire! Bloomberg parried: If the next mayor wants to grant retroactive raises, fine, let him knock the budget out of balance. Critics: There's no money set aside for future raises, either! Bloomberg: Sure there is — after three years of zero increase in base pay, they could have a generous 1.25 percent boost."
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