Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FiOS Arrives On 1st Place

Mother of god.


R said...

First and what?

Gary Reilly said...

For starters, the entire block bounded by 1st Place, Clinton Street, Carroll and Court Streets.

The rumor (unverified) was that a Verizon engineer lives on the block. I'm sure it will be expanding from here. A few years back I saw them putting in gear at 4th Plkace and Court Street, I don't know if that block has been activated though.

We had the installation on Monday.

Takes several hours (at least if you're first in the building as we were). VZ will need to access the backyard and utility area of the building as well as your apartment.

Installation went well, tech was professional, and service works great so far. Cheaper than Time Warner, even with faster internet service and after adding HBO and we have a $300 rebate coming after three months.