Thursday, January 31, 2013

False Bomb Scare at PS58 - South Brooklyn Post

An asshole decided to call in a phony bomb threat to PS58 this morning.

All is well, aside from a brief evacuation and a LOT of upset parents,
if my inbox is any indication.

Nothing to worry about, though the school may want to reconsider the
way messaging is handled in the event of a real emergency, or even
another hoax, or a drill.

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jzr said...

How was messaging done? I'm a parent of a child at PS 58 and I received an email from the parent coordinator about 20 minutes ago. Did parents know about it earlier in the day? If so, how?


Gary Reilly said...

Hi Julie, Here's the text of the email that went out at 11:46am to the PS58 parents group:


PS58 has been evacuated this morning, because of an emergency situation. All students and staff are safe and are in the process of walking to the evacuation site, PS 146, 610 Henry Street.

Please do not call the school or come to the school. It is expected to that pick will be at the school as normal.


Henry J Carrier, Co-President PTA PS 58