Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That Pounding Sound? The Lightstone Site

Yesterday and this morning anyone standing on the Brooklyn Streets of Carroll Gardens could hear (feel?) the rhythmic pounding of a piledriver.  If you assumed it was related to one of the construction sites in the Gowanus, you were correct.

It didn't occur to me as I heard the noise on 1st Place between Court and Clinton that the elementary school kids might be undergoing testing at the same time, at schools much closer to the construction site.  A concerned parent wrote to the PS58 board:
If you are concerned about the pounding sound (and vibration) associated with the pile driving going on today, tomorrow, and Friday at the Lightstone Property (363-365 Bond St and 388 Carroll St) during the tests our kids and the PS 32 and MS 442 kids are taking, consider giving the Lightstone Construction Hotline (646-362-1500) and/or 311 a call (although it doesn't sound like 311 can do anything in a useful timeframe).
It would be great if Lightstone could voluntarily hold off during the testing hours (maybe that's 9am-12pm?) just for the next 3 days out of consideration for the community.  
The person I spoke to this morning at Lightstone (Manual Rivera) said he would look into it but it would be unlikely that they could do anything about today's pounding.  Maybe some more phone calls to Lightstone could help. 
Construction is a fact of life in the city, but it would be nice if the developers could work around the kids' testing schedule.

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