Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sensible Centrists and Christie's Magic Budget Beans

The Other Christie Scandal

Almost all of my centrist friends loved them some Chris Christie.  The few that would listen discounted what I told them: that the guy was utterly full of crap and a fully partisan political animal.  Note: it's ok to be partisan!  But they all believed he was a bipartisan straight-shootin' centrist. And that was just an act. 
"What is it that makes self-proclaimed centrists such easy marks for right-wing con men? Actually, it's not that much of a mystery: the centrist creed is that the two parties are symmetrically extremist, and this means that there must, as a matter of principle, be Serious, Honest Republicans out there — so such people must be invented if they don't actually exist. Hence the elevation of Paul Ryan despite clear evidence of his con-artist nature. And hence, also, the love affair with Chris Christie."

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This guy killed the biggest public works project in the country, during a recession, so he could funnel the money from a rail project into new highway contracts.  Thus, a massive slush fund for Christie to ladle out,  and at the same time artificially keep NJ gas taxes below the prevailing norm.  Truly, a great fiscal conservative. 

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